embracing local

a nice sentence, on which i will follow-up (from booth 2012, development as a collective action problem, citing kelsall 2008): developing efforts have a greater chance of success when they stop treating cultural factors as a problem to be solved and try instead to harness them as a means to channel behavior in more positiveContinue reading “embracing local”

corn as small things: all maize is corn but not all corn is maize?

i think i just made a minor life breakthrough. i am working on re-reading ‘salt‘ – at least i thought i was re-reading it but it doesn’t seem as familiar as it should, so maybe i am just reading it. over the past several years, a troubling thing would sometimes happen. i would go toContinue reading “corn as small things: all maize is corn but not all corn is maize?”

helpful grammar tip for cold and flu season

nauseous, like noxious and nauseating, describes a quality of making other people ill – in fact, feel nauseated. if you feel ill, you are nauseated. describing yourself as nauseous indicates that you make other people sick to their stomachs. try not to do that. the flu is sufficient.

more on polio vaccination efforts.

i have been trying to keep up with polio vaccination efforts here. but it seemed like this deserved a new post, as it deals not just with commentary on the recent killings but also some actions that USG could take, via charles kenny. there is information here, followed by an interesting conversation in the commentsContinue reading “more on polio vaccination efforts.”

thank you. water, sanitation, infrastructure, cholera.

someone said something helpful here. about cholera. but not about a new vaccine, a new super-antibiotic, or engineering a new vector that can be lulled to sleep by harp music, along with plans for a helicopter drop of harps or new ways to subsidize harps. whenever epidemics of cholera occur, the global public health communityContinue reading “thank you. water, sanitation, infrastructure, cholera.”