adapted writing guide, a few thoughts on writing and pedagogy

i just spent some time summarizing and adapting someone else’s adaptation of someone else’s guide to writing (specifically for ethics and philosophy but many of the points apply more generally). i have attached it in case it is of use! i am now assisting with this particular ethics course for the first time. it was therefore no longerContinue reading “adapted writing guide, a few thoughts on writing and pedagogy”

miss marple & an apology to india

while i have been sick, i have watched/listened to (a fairly absurd amount of) british murder mysteries, including tommy & tuppance and miss marple (including the episode in which miss marple and tuppance team up!). on another track, there are always funny turns of phrase when working in english in india (and other places). one that always particularly tickled me was referringContinue reading “miss marple & an apology to india”