things i have been told about my writing and presentation style in the recent(-ish) past

just a small collection of not-really compliments: 1. you talk fast but it seems to work for you  –steve folmar 2. you use small words it seems to work for you  –derrick matthews 3. you use run-on sentences but it seems to work for you  -pop

planning for qualitative data collection and analysis

this blog reflects conversations and on-going work with both mike frick (@mwfrick), shagun sabarwal (@shagunsabarwal), and urmy shukla (@urmy_shukla) — they should receive no blame if this blog is wacky and plenty of credit if it is not. a recent post by monkey cage contributors on the washington post, then summarized by BITSS, asked/suggested whetherContinue reading “planning for qualitative data collection and analysis”

Doing research? Spend more time with program staff…

Originally posted on Suvojit Chattopadhyay:
From Duncan’s blog covering the paper ‘Using Participatory Process Evaluation to Understand the Dynamics of Change in a Nutrition Education Programme’, by Andrea Cornwall While it is always interesting to hear about interesting approaches to data collection and analysis – and a lot of this feeds into thoughts/reactions I had while…

small thoughts on transparency in research (descriptions of methods, analysis)

there is currently a good deal of attention on transparency of social science research – as there should be. much of this is focused on keeping the analysis honest, including pre-analysis plans (e.g.) and opening up data for re-analysis (internal replication, e.g. here and here). some of this will hopefully receive good discussion at anContinue reading “small thoughts on transparency in research (descriptions of methods, analysis)”