tentative thoughts on ownership: work-in-progress

i am road-testing a few ideas from the conclusion of my thesis, in which i try to bring out two themes recurring throughout the analyses on adoption and implementation of the phase I pilot of the amfm in ghana, between 2010 and 2012. these themes are ownership and risk-taking. i have already written a bitContinue reading “tentative thoughts on ownership: work-in-progress”

nice paragraph on local leadership

though i have read several of david booth‘s papers on country ownership, i appreciate craig valters pointing me (conversation here) to booth’s joint work with sue unsworth on doing development in ways that are politically smart and locally led. the whole paper is worth a read. this paragraph stood out: the question of local leadershipContinue reading “nice paragraph on local leadership”

what i’d like to read now

the important, excellent thing about deaton’s work on aid, and it’s very incomplete overlap with development, is that it reminds me about all that ‘other stuff’ — arms trafficking, subsidies and fair trade, etc, that impinge profoundly on opportunities for economic and human development and capabilities around the globe. . the problem is, then, thatContinue reading “what i’d like to read now”

survey design and methods matter (and sometimes people in ghana aren’t truthful about loans)

a key part of data quality (and therefore research quality) is the design of questionnaires, interview schedules, and observation plans for generating primary data. it is somewhere between upsetting and galling, then, that these issues feature minimally in the training of social scientists planning to do (especially quantitative) empirical work. there are plenty of researchersContinue reading “survey design and methods matter (and sometimes people in ghana aren’t truthful about loans)”