more on polio vaccination efforts.

i have been trying to keep up with polio vaccination efforts here. but it seemed like this deserved a new post, as it deals not just with commentary on the recent killings but also some actions that USG could take, via charles kenny.

there is information here, followed by an interesting conversation in the comments section, and here.

It is a vital moment for the world community to do everything it can to encourage vaccination, especially against polio… The tragic violence against vaccination workers in Pakistan who were doing vital work… were linked to allegations that the CIA had used a vaccine campaign as part of intelligence gathering operations in the country…

A declaration by the US that public health interventions will not be used to gather intelligence could play a vital role in tipping the balance towards successful polio eradication –and enhance US national security

this petition will close on 8 Feb, so if you are interested, get on it! then you can go see zero dark thirty… or vice versa. either way, it seems like we should be talking about this right along side the torture debate.

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