Something to Ponder: Cataloging The Evaluations Undertaken in a Country

Working my way through “Demand for and supply of evaluations in selected Sub-Saharan African countries,” which is a good read. there are several great points to note and consider but just one that i want to highlight here:

In no country was there a comprehensive library of evaluations that had been undertaken [there].

This seems like something that should change, as an important public good and source of information for national planning departments. I wonder if ethics review / institutional review bodies that work to register and approve studies may be able to take on some of this function.

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One thought on “Something to Ponder: Cataloging The Evaluations Undertaken in a Country

  1. Absolutely! It’s odd, isn’t it, that the evaluations (at their lessons) of work we do to improve lives in ‘developing countries’ are not available there. Worse, still, evaluations are filed in a donor database on project completion and then all the data disappears. My astute business partner, SIobhan Green wrote about this and the need for all data to be IATI compliant on our blog:
    At least donors are starting to map where projects are (,,
    Be well, Jindra

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