my black folder (delhi summer illness 1)

Since i have lost much of the two months to an extended illness — and since my original reason for getting into public health was unsatisfactory doctor-patient relationships and inadequate assistance helping patients navigate hospital and health systems — it seems to make sense to write about observations and frustrations i had seeking treatment inContinue reading “my black folder (delhi summer illness 1)”

Brief Thought on Commitment-To-Analysis Plans

First, I am starting a small campaign to push towards calling ‘pre-analysis plans’ something else before the train gets too far from the station. Something like ‘commitment to analysis plans’ or ‘commitment to analysis and reporting plans.’ I have two reasons for this. PAP just isn’t a super acronym; it’s kind of already taken. IContinue reading “Brief Thought on Commitment-To-Analysis Plans”

sherlock holmes and the princess bride

when i need to decompress, zone out, and fall asleep, i have a tendency to watch familiar, i-can-recite-by-heart movies or TV shows to help. just enough distraction to close down my other thoughts, not gripping enough to keep me awake. the ‘sherlock‘ TV series has joined these ranks. the more i watch ‘a study inContinue reading “sherlock holmes and the princess bride”

i’m not sure that means what you think it means (gold standard)

some thoughts, from peter byass, here, for the next time you want to refer to a technique as the ‘gold standard’ and what may be behind such a guarantee: The verbal autopsy literature has extensively used and abused the concept of “gold standards” for validating cause of death determination. Metallurgists would say that 100% pureContinue reading “i’m not sure that means what you think it means (gold standard)”

presentation tricks & tips from the US presidential & VP debates

presidential 1: “no, i wouldn’t have gone over the time limit if you hadn’t interrupted me to point out the limit. VP: “no, i can’t give you more specifics but i can repeat the same thing, slower and with hand gestures. (or try link here.) presidential 2: don’t do this while other people are talking. the slower, non-defensiveContinue reading “presentation tricks & tips from the US presidential & VP debates”

i am not sure that means what you think it means (origins of metaphors in development, german folk-stories edition)

thanks to having professors who are curious about the origins and use of phrases, i have recently had the occasion to consider two phrases in common use — and likely mis-use. these would be hilarious mid-understandings as the basis of a sit-com or, as here, folklore. as the basis of policy, not so much. 1.Continue reading “i am not sure that means what you think it means (origins of metaphors in development, german folk-stories edition)”

traveling pants (absolutely nothing to do with a sisterhood)

From a letter home from India in 2008: The topic of this section is pants.  It requires a small introduction.  For the most part, I wear my own pants and have purchased some of the long tops with slits up the sides (kurta) that most of the girls with whom I work (unmarried, so generallyContinue reading “traveling pants (absolutely nothing to do with a sisterhood)”