how is the body doing?

from a letter home from chennai in 2008, when i was there studying diabetes. drs. s & b, i hope it is OK to include this photograph! To help add context to my research, I have undertaken a series of interviews with doctors and dieticians at the hospital to see how “biomedicine” in India “talks”Continue reading “how is the body doing?”

sunglasses (googles) in bombay

this is from the summer i spent in bombay (2009), when I was living in dharavi and part of a research project on an unregistered slum near reay road station (i’ll call this community RR). as many of you may know, i am pretty attached to my sunglasses.  not attached in the sense that iContinue reading “sunglasses (googles) in bombay”

traveling pants (absolutely nothing to do with a sisterhood)

From a letter home from India in 2008: The topic of this section is pants.  It requires a small introduction.  For the most part, I wear my own pants and have purchased some of the long tops with slits up the sides (kurta) that most of the girls with whom I work (unmarried, so generallyContinue reading “traveling pants (absolutely nothing to do with a sisterhood)”

wax prints (holland cloth)

A recent article came up about ‘African’ or ‘tribal’ prints. I wrote a bit about this while I was in Ghana: Cloth is a big deal in Ghana – every Friday is traditional cloth Friday and many employers have a special organizational print available for employees to purchase.  For women’s clothing, cloth comes in two mainContinue reading “wax prints (holland cloth)”