i feel like an #oddeven party pooper (reducing and working are not the same)

there are two nice, evidence-informed op-ed pieces out today on delhi’s odd-even scheme to try to reduce air pollution (here and here). the results are heartening because i didn’t have a good sense of whether a two week window of implementing a policy — to which there were many exceptions — was long enough toContinue reading “i feel like an #oddeven party pooper (reducing and working are not the same)”

delhi’s #oddeven plan had a significant effect on pollution

Originally posted on Suvojit Chattopadhyay:
Researchers Michael Greenstone, Santosh Harish and Anant Sudarshan have some news for us. Hard data that shows that the Odd-Even plan reduced pollution by significant levels in Delhi. The headline: this study finds there was an 18% reduction in PM 2.5 due to the pilot during the hours that the rule was…

revisiting maximum city amid delhi’s air pollution

earlier this week, a friend responded to this article on delhi’s pollution levels by reporting to facebook: in the last week, 2 of my friends have moved back (one permanently & the other temporarily) to the states because of peak pollution levels. others are booking flights to leave the city for portions of the winter…Continue reading “revisiting maximum city amid delhi’s air pollution”