tentative thoughts on ownership: work-in-progress

i am road-testing a few ideas from the conclusion of my thesis, in which i try to bring out two themes recurring throughout the analyses on adoption and implementation of the phase I pilot of the amfm in ghana, between 2010 and 2012. these themes are ownership and risk-taking. i have already written a bitContinue reading “tentative thoughts on ownership: work-in-progress”

Thinking About Stakeholder Risk and Accountability in Pilot Experiments

This post is also cross-posted here in slightly modified form. Since I keep circling around issues related to my dissertation in this blog, I decided it was time to start writing about some of that work. As anyone who has stood or sat near to me for more than 5 minutes over the past 4.25Continue reading “Thinking About Stakeholder Risk and Accountability in Pilot Experiments”

learning by asking: a modest proposal to engage those who did the doing

this post was originally published at innovations for poverty action. it represents an effort to follow-through on some themes i have raised before and hope to continue to raise. most development interventions are carried out and delivered by local research staff and residents. such implementation is rarely a straightforward ‘technical’ operation but, rather, there isContinue reading “learning by asking: a modest proposal to engage those who did the doing”

dear sir – response to AMFm article in the economist

on 24 november, this article was published in the economist on AMFm and the Global Fund. below is the response i would have liked to have published because a few things in the article were maddening. particularly frustrating are those celebrating the end of AMFm as though ending a subsidy on ACTs in the private sector are theContinue reading “dear sir – response to AMFm article in the economist”

AMFm post over at CGD – a few thoughts on the conversation

here’s the series: http://blogs.cgdev.org/globalhealth/2012/09/what-the-pre-post-evaluation-of-amfm-can-tell-us.php http://blogs.cgdev.org/globalhealth/2012/11/the-future-of-amfm-making-sense-from-all-the-noise.php http://blogs.cgdev.org/globalhealth/2012/11/the-future-of-amfm-realpolitik-and-realistic-options-part-ii.php @altmandaniel pointed out that our position on what the Board should decide in the final post was not entirely clear. this is true – our goal was to lay out the positions and process rather than take a strong stance on the outcome. with regard to outcomes, the matching-basedContinue reading “AMFm post over at CGD – a few thoughts on the conversation”