Center and Peripherary in Doing Development Differently

I have spent almost three weeks back in TX, which was supposed to be, in part, a time of immense productivity in front of our fireplace (yes, it is chilly here. Probably not enough to warrant a fire but still. I am sitting in front of the fireplace and paying for carbon credits to mitigateContinue reading “Center and Peripherary in Doing Development Differently”

embracing local

a nice sentence, on which i will follow-up (from booth 2012, development as a collective action problem, citing kelsall 2008): developing efforts have a greater chance of success when they stop treating cultural factors as a problem to be solved and try instead to harness them as a means to channel behavior in more positiveContinue reading “embracing local”

talking about ‘the rest’ (no dear, we don’t call it that because we are not talking about africa right now)

this is so spot-on and people have added several more strong ones in the comments. i particularly like the vision of norway invading the US and sorting us out. they can play ‘immigrant song’ on the trip over. am thinking we need to start a list for health… also, for past and present high-seas piracy.