kenyan courts can start trying somali (and other) pirates caught in international waters

full story here. follow[ing] a 2010 Kenyan High Court judgement [that] courts could only deal with offenses carried out within the country’s territory… Kenya’s Court of Appeal rules the country’s courts have jurisdiction to try pirates caught in international waters.    

coastal communities recording pirates, informing countries

“in the 18 months since the London-based Environment Justice Foundation (EJF) raised the £50,000 needed to buy and equip a small seven-metre community surveillance boat for villages in the Sherbro river area of Sierra Leone, local fishers have filmed and identified 10 international trawlers working illegally in their protected waters and have made 252 separateContinue reading “coastal communities recording pirates, informing countries”

‘party over’ for somali pirates

first of all, i don’t think i fully understood that the somali pirates were partying. however, “the empty whiskey bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs littering this once-bustling shoreline (of Hobyo) are signs that the heydey of Somali piracy might be over. most of the prostitutes are gone and the luxury cars repossessed. pirates while awayContinue reading “‘party over’ for somali pirates”

continued declines in piracy but bolder in West Africa

a more complete review is here. “outside of Somalia, most of the piracy is basically robbing the crew of their valuables and any portable items of worth from the ship (that will fit into the pirates’ small boat).” “some of the pirates on the west coast of Africa (mainly the Gulf of Guinea) have becomeContinue reading “continued declines in piracy but bolder in West Africa”