kenyan courts can start trying somali (and other) pirates caught in international waters

full story here. follow[ing] a 2010 Kenyan High Court judgement [that] courts could only deal with offenses carried out within the country’s territory… Kenya’s Court of Appeal rules the country’s courts have jurisdiction to try pirates caught in international waters.    

‘party over’ for somali pirates

first of all, i don’t think i fully understood that the somali pirates were partying. however, “the empty whiskey bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs littering this once-bustling shoreline (of Hobyo) are signs that the heydey of Somali piracy might be over. most of the prostitutes are gone and the luxury cars repossessed. pirates while awayContinue reading “‘party over’ for somali pirates”

continued declines in piracy but bolder in West Africa

a more complete review is here. “outside of Somalia, most of the piracy is basically robbing the crew of their valuables and any portable items of worth from the ship (that will fit into the pirates’ small boat).” “some of the pirates on the west coast of Africa (mainly the Gulf of Guinea) have becomeContinue reading “continued declines in piracy but bolder in West Africa”

middle east gulf piracy expected to actively continue for a minimum of 10 years

report (Managing Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Piracy Threat) released from the 4th ‘Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association Supply Chain Conference.’ this year marks a turning point in piracy activities. the number of vessels captured in 2011 compared to 2010 reduced by over 50 per cent and further reductions are expected in the coming years. however, as theContinue reading “middle east gulf piracy expected to actively continue for a minimum of 10 years”

pirates make UN sexy — but at high price key points: pirates (as a topic, apparently, not as guests) make a meeting sexy 219 piracy incidents in 2010 cost  “the shipping industry, insurers, navies and law enforcement more than $7 billion” speeding may not be the answer but impregnable citadels are (?). shockingly, “it may be futile to expect shippers to run at full speed throughContinue reading “pirates make UN sexy — but at high price”

eu carries out airstrikes on mainland somali pirate bases eu is now allowing airstrikes on on-land targets, a move about which the somali government was aware. however, no eu boots are ashore in these operations. By bringing its fighting strategy more in line with that of the US, Europe is playing “a very dangerous game,” says Bronwyn Burton,  deputy director of the Michael S. AnsariContinue reading “eu carries out airstrikes on mainland somali pirate bases”

somali pirates switching back to smaller boats

to remain less conspicuous, Somali pirates have been switching back to using smaller, more traditional boats (e.g., i think) as motherships, which blend in with fishing boats. this probably will keep them closer to shore. more here. a few points of note: “a study published in February by U.S. non-governmental organisation One Earth Future FoundationContinue reading “somali pirates switching back to smaller boats”

pirates in the news! (also, kids, if you’re a famous pirate, you still maybe shouldn’t do drugs)

here but yet to be corroborated. it’s unclear if the Iranians really have Garad. so far, only Africa Review is reporting it… “He was like Carlos the Jackal in the crime world,” Andrew Mwangura of the East African Seafarers Association told Africa Review [about Garad]. according to David F. Marley…the “secretive” Garad — it’s notContinue reading “pirates in the news! (also, kids, if you’re a famous pirate, you still maybe shouldn’t do drugs)”

Development effects of piracy in Somalia (as studied by day & night satellite images)

Can I come up with a reason to study the health impacts of piracy? Ideas welcome! “Piracy has created employment and considerable multiplier effects in the Puntland economy, even if a significant proportion of the proceeds is invested in foreign goods or channelled to foreign financiers. The distribution of ransoms follows traditional patterns in Somalia, involving considerable redistribution andContinue reading “Development effects of piracy in Somalia (as studied by day & night satellite images)”