kenyan courts can start trying somali (and other) pirates caught in international waters

full story here. follow[ing] a 2010 Kenyan High Court judgement [that] courts could only deal with offenses carried out within the country’s territory… Kenya’s Court of Appeal rules the country’s courts have jurisdiction to try pirates caught in international waters.    

‘party over’ for somali pirates

first of all, i don’t think i fully understood that the somali pirates were partying. however, “the empty whiskey bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs littering this once-bustling shoreline (of Hobyo) are signs that the heydey of Somali piracy might be over. most of the prostitutes are gone and the luxury cars repossessed. pirates while awayContinue reading “‘party over’ for somali pirates”

continued declines in piracy but bolder in West Africa

a more complete review is here. “outside of Somalia, most of the piracy is basically robbing the crew of their valuables and any portable items of worth from the ship (that will fit into the pirates’ small boat).” “some of the pirates on the west coast of Africa (mainly the Gulf of Guinea) have becomeContinue reading “continued declines in piracy but bolder in West Africa”

used against pirates and tornadoes

the crew of a greek oil tanker resisted hijacking in the gulf of guinea by hiding in the ship’s safe room. evidently, safe rooms are increasingly being used as anti-piracy measures. unlike in hijackings off the coast of Somalia on the opposite side of the continent, west African gangs have not sought ransoms, instead unloadingContinue reading “used against pirates and tornadoes”

pyrates: this has a familiar ring

a small excerpt from ‘a general history of the robberies and murders of the most notorious pyrates,’ likely by daniel defoe (published under the name of captain charles johnson) (1724). more prescient on the issue of employment than on the bottomless fish supply, of course. We have given a few Instances in the Course of this HistoryContinue reading “pyrates: this has a familiar ring”

a few pirate tidbits from an exibition i did not attend

but this nice woman did. some highlights of her highlights: slave ships ‘pirates liked to steal slave ships (en route from Africa), since they were built to carry large numbers and could be remodeled to fit their needs. ‘the ships included craftsmen, including people who could remodel captured ships to fit the pirate crew’s needsContinue reading “a few pirate tidbits from an exibition i did not attend”