fresh fruit, folk flu, confessions, cold season, & conclusions

the main gist here is that it is not fun to have an illness with no name, no clear prognosis, and, insofar as someone thinks it is necessary, no clear, commensurate-to-symptoms treatment plan.┬áthe need to restate this grew out of recent discussions around malaria diagnosis and treatment of malaria and the broader range of illnessesContinue reading “fresh fruit, folk flu, confessions, cold season, & conclusions”

wait, we’re experimenting, right?

many of the descriptions of the ideal next World Bank president – at least the ones with which I agree – have called for a little more humility about how much we actually know about economic & human development and poverty reduction. so it’s frustrating to see articles like┬áthis, which imply a low level ofContinue reading “wait, we’re experimenting, right?”