On Science, from Eula Biss’s On Immunity

A nice reminder from Eula Biss (via On Immunity: An Inoculation) that science is a series of building blocks, with small tests and then bigger ones to see if each brick helps us reach higher and see farther. Science is, as scientists like to say, “self-correcting,” meaning that errors in preliminary studies are, ideally, revealedContinue reading “On Science, from Eula Biss’s On Immunity”

small thoughts on transparency in research (descriptions of methods, analysis)

there is currently a good deal of attention on transparency of social science research – as there should be. much of this is focused on keeping the analysis honest, including pre-analysis plans (e.g.) and opening up data for re-analysis (internal replication, e.g. here and here). some of this will hopefully receive good discussion at anContinue reading “small thoughts on transparency in research (descriptions of methods, analysis)”

we’re experimenting! also, clarifying types of replications

a nice article from chris said, discussing how we might alter publication rules (and the granting requirements of donor organizations)  in a way to move us closer to good, useful research – specifically, looking more toward the importance of the question and the rigor of the method to answer it. i am, of course, fullyContinue reading “we’re experimenting! also, clarifying types of replications”

wait, we’re experimenting, right?

many of the descriptions of the ideal next World Bank president – at least the ones with which I agree – have called for a little more humility about how much we actually know about economic & human development and poverty reduction. so it’s frustrating to see articles like this, which imply a low level ofContinue reading “wait, we’re experimenting, right?”